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The Florida Service Animal Discrimination Accident Guide was created by Serrano | McGuire to help residents who have been discriminated obtain maximum compensation for their claim.

Florida Service Animal Discrimination GuideWith Offices in Tallahassee and Wesley Chapel

Service animals, usually dogs, help a lot of people with serious issues. They have been trained specially to help people manage conditions, disabilities, and impairments. People who often have service animals include veterans with PTSD, the blind, and people suffering seizures. Sometimes, those who rely on their service animals are discriminated against by employers who have no real understanding that these animals are not pets who are just being toted around. If you are someone who has a service animal and is experiencing discrimination, please reach out to our Florida service animal discrimination attorneys right away. We will fight to protect your legal rights.

Service Animals Are a Right

The most common misconception is that service dogs are just pets being passed off as a medical necessity by their owners because they don’t want to leave them home alone. A lot of people do not understand that having a service animal is like having a therapeutic remedy by your side when you need it most. They offer assistance just like any other therapeutic treatment method out there. It’s something that the general public tends not to understand but the law does.

There are laws in place to protect your rights to have a service dog with you in public and at your job. You have every right to be accompanied by your service dog who has specialty training to manage your conditions and be able to continue working like everyone else around you. If your dog is fully certified, then you have every right to have them with you at work or at school or in public. Our Florida service animal discrimination attorneys will fight for this right if you are being discriminated against.

How You Are Protected

You are protected by the law in places such as hotels, stores, restaurants, parks and work. They cannot tell you to leave because of your service dog. They cannot refuse to serve you because of your service dog. If you’re at some place like a hotel, they cannot turn you away because they don’t accept dogs. You are not allowed to be refused service at an establishment due to having a service animal. At work, you’re not allowed to be discriminated against because of your service animal. You cannot be fired for it and you cannot be tossed away as a candidate for a position solely based on the fact that you have a service animal.

The only exception to this would be if your disability itself stops you from performing a certain task. For example, if you have seizures and you’re applying for a job that has you working heavy machinery, which means your seizures would cause a safety hazard to yourself and others, that would be a lawful reason not to hire you. An unlawful reason would be if you had a service dog for PTSD and someone didn’t want you working in the office because they don’t like dogs.

If you suspect that you were not hired or promoted or you got fired because of having a service animal, you need to reach out to her Florida service animal discrimination attorneys as soon as you possibly can.

Discrimination also takes place in housing such as apartments. If you’re applying to be a tenant and the landlord has a problem with dogs or tries to charge you more for having a service dog, that’s not lawful. Of course, if for some reason there was property damage due to you owning a dog, you are responsible for things like that, but you should not be charged more simply for having a service animal. It’s unlawful.

Protecting Victims of Service Animal Discrimination

You may be eligible for a claim if you have been denied a job or you’ve been refused entry to a public place due to your service animal. This is a very complicated matter and it needs to be discussed with our Florida service animal discrimination attorneys right away.

We will fight for your rights to be employed, have education, be housed and accepted into public spaces. You deserve these things just as much as anyone who did not have a service animal does.

Some tips for you:

  1. Ensure that your dog goes through all of the training to be certifiably necessary to you both therapeutically and medically.
  2. If someone is irate at the presence of your service animal, remain calm in the situation and don’t behave in a way which could result in your ejection from a property.
  3. Carry a copy of your dog’s training certificate with you so that if anyone questions if your dog is actually a service animal or not, you will be able to prove it.

Hiring a Lawyer For Service Animal Discrimination

We received a question online recently about whether or not the person should hire a lawyer for discrimination they experienced as a result of their use of a service animal. The answer to that is, absolutely, you should hire a lawyer.

There are a number of laws that have varying requirements and are based off of where you are; if you don’t have a lawyer to adequately evaluate the law relate to your situation, you won’t be successful in making the claim.

If you have any questions about disability discrimination involving service animals, please let us know.

Choosing The Right Lawyer For Service Animal DiscriminationChoosing The Right Lawyer For Service Animal Discrimination

We received a question from a client recently about how one can pick the best attorney to handle a service animal discrimination case. If you have an animal discrimination case, it’s really important that you talk to a lawyer who actually practices in that specific area, because the laws are very complicated and you need an attorney that’s familiar with those laws.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your use of a service animal or emotional support animal, please give us a call.

What Qualifies as a Service Animal

We received a call recently from a potential client who was wondering what the actual definition of a service animal is and what laws apply. In Florida, a service animal is any animal that is trained to perform a specific task for a person with a disability.

If you have any questions about whether or not your animal qualifies as a service animal, please give us a call.

Service Animal Accommodations

We recently received a call from a former client who has a service animal and who asked what her rights were in terms of employment and whether or not she should be allowed to have her dog with her. If you do have a service animal and you are having an issue with employment, you are entitled to a reasonable accommodation. Under the law, having your service animal with you is a reasonable accommodation.

If you are experiencing issues with your employer, related to your use of a service animal, please give us a call so we can help.

Rights of Service Dog Owners

We got a call from a potential client recently wondering what her rights were as far as her service animal is concerned. In Florida, you are allowed access to any public place where guests are normally allowed. There are many other rights as well, but that’s the most important one. If you want to learn more or if you have any other questions about what your rights are, please give us a call.

Service Animal DiscriminationService Animal Discrimination

We are handling a case for a client right now where he was discriminated against because of his use of a service animal. If you’ve been discriminated against because of your use of a service animal, the first thing you should do is document the situation, document what happened, and then call an attorney who specializes in service animal discrimination. There are a number of laws that apply to service animals, and having an attorney who is familiar with those laws is essential.

If you have any questions or if you’ve experienced discrimination as a result of your use of a service animal, please give us a call.

Where Service Animals Are Allowed

Recently, we received a call from a client wondering where she’s allowed to take her service animal. The answer to that is anywhere that the public is allowed. Whether your animal is an emotional support animal or a service animal changes whether or not you’re allowed to have that dog in a particular location, however, so give us a call if you have questions.

If you have any questions about where you’re allowed to take your service animal, please give me a call.

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If you want help with your case of discrimination, please contact our Florida service animal discrimination attorneys as soon as possible. We want to help you get the justice you deserve and we will protect your rights to that. Call us right away and set up a consultation.

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