Supervisors Reporting Sexual Harassment

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Does a supervisor have to report sexual harassment to human resources?


We got a call in Tallahassee the other day from an individual who was a supervisor at a place of employment and he had a very good question. He was asking me if a supervisor could ultimately be held liable for sexual harassment if he fields a complaint and doesn’t do anything about it. The answer is, yes, employers can be imputed liability. If it’s a supervisor in a management position, that liability can be imputed to the employer. Supervisors Reporting Sexual Harassment

Basically, if you are in management in employment and you have fielded a complaint involving sexual harassment – even if you don’t think it’s pertinent or if you don’t think it’s legitimate – make sure that the employer knows. The employer is bound to take remedial actions to try to cure the problem and, at a minimum, conduct an investigation.

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